How to Buy a New Car

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Finding the right vehicle for your Houma commutes doesn’t have to bring you stress. It’s exciting looking for the perfect car and our team at Morgan City Toyota is here to provide you with the tips to make your car buying experience smooth. You don’t have to be subjected to a poor dealership experience or bogged down by the options because we want to send you home with a smile on your face. Learn how to buy a new car and explore the tips that can help you decide when to buy a new car for your drives around Morgan City.

When to Buy a New Car

While a new vehicle can make your Thibodaux commutes or adventures easier, purchasing a new car is a significant financial investment. Here’s what you can keep in mind if you’re considering when to buy a new car: 

  1. If a lot of your time on the road is spent traveling to a repair shop, you should look into purchasing a new model as you’ll likely end up spending more money on costly repairs than you would for a new car.
  2. Your safety on the road is important. If you’ve felt unsafe in your vehicle during your daily commutes, it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved model before you get into an accident. 
  3. Maybe you’re transitioning into the next stage of your life and you need more space for your growing business or family. Adding a new SUV or truck to your daily driving experience gives you access to a larger cargo space or more advanced safety features.
  4. Consider purchasing a new vehicle if you begin failing emission tests. Getting it up to code can be costly, and choosing a newer model can save you from expensive repairs over time. 

Finding the Right New Car

Once you’ve decided it’s the right time to start your new car search, what’s your next step? It’s a good idea to understand what you can afford and stick with that budget plan. Our finance center team can help you find a budget and payment plan that works best for you. Then, the steps for how to buy a new car includes:

  1. Consider your needs around Lafayette. Search for models that fit your driving style, cargo and passenger requirements, and technology and safety needs during your commute. 
  2. Narrow down your selection to the top three models and take the time to dive into their safety ratings, reliability, lifespan, etc. If you’re able to, stop by a Morgan City dealership to test drive the vehicles on the road. 
  3. If you’ve found a top choice, research what other shoppers paid for the same vehicle and request price quotes from multiple dealerships. 
  4. The best time to buy a new car is around sales weekends and holidays, like Black Friday or Presidents Day, as dealers often offer good deals. 

The final step for how to buy a new car is to visit the dealership to complete the process and make it official!

Purchasing a New Car

Your new car should be something that can comfortably fit into your budget. It’s said by U.S. News that your monthly payments–including car, credit cards, student loans, rent, etc.– shouldn’t go over a third of your monthly income. On top of your other payments and the price of the vehicle, you also need to consider the other costs associated with purchasing a vehicle: 

  • New Car Sales Tax: This tax amount is non-negotiable, however, it’s usually added to your car loan amount.
  • Interest Rate: Your credit score affects the interest rate as well as your monthly payments. When you have a lower interest rate, your monthly payments will be lower with the opposite being true for higher rates. 
  • Trade-in Value: On the other hand, you can get credit towards your new vehicle if you’re ready to trade in your current vehicle. Most dealers will purchase your car from you and apply the trade in value toward your new purchase. If you still owe money on your vehicle, the dealership is able apply the remaining amount onto your new vehicle price. Use our Value Your Trade tool to get an instant appraisal of your vehicle. 

Take Home a Vehicle 

Our team at Morgan City Toyota is dedicated to helping you find the best car for your drives around Lafayette. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and start your car buying process by applying for financing online or using our payment calculator to get an idea of your monthly payments. 


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